Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital Expansion Inc. 4

Location: Santa Rosa
Contract Amount: $12,063,219.00
General Contractor: Herrero-Boldt

Project Description: Inc. 4 is an IFOA/IPD contract delivery of a ground up 3 story expansion in addition to the 10,000 sq. ft. renovation to Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital. This project includes:

  • A new 57,000 SF three-story wing expansion to the east side of the existing hospital including the addition of 40 patient beds, two operating rooms, an endoscopy unit, 20 outpatient care beds.
  • Renovation of 10,713 SF in the existing hospital to add nine emergency department exam rooms, expanded dietary service, expanded lab/blood bank, as well as renovation of a central processing unit to support the expanded facility.

Project Completed: January 2022