Our reputation at Del Monte Electric is based upon the quality of service that we provide. Our project management teams are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide an outstanding experience during the design and construction of your project.

Each project is assigned a project manager, project engineer, and a field foreman whose goal is to provide you with first class service. Following is a list of the services that we provide:


Pre-Construction Services

Cost Budgeting

We have the knowledge and experience needed to determine electrical cost budgets at a very early stage in the project. We use years of historical data to ensure the budgets are as accurate as possible, even if minimal design information is available. Quality budgeting helps the owner determine scope and project design parameters in order to ensure that the final design can be built within budget.


We have experienced professionals that can review a project design, quickly identifying constructability issues and providing suggestions to resolve conflicts, thus helping to mitigate schedule and cost overruns.

Value Analysis/Value Engineering

We have the ability to work with the design and construction teams to analyze the project design to determine how cost savings can be achieved without compromising the integrity of the finished product. We have had success offering ideas that result in cost savings without affecting the overall quality or maintenance aspects of the electrical design.


We are adept at preparing schedules that accurately depict the duration required for the electrical work. We can also review a project’s schedule to identify possible conflicts between other trades and to ensure that the project will be built in the most efficient manner possible.

Project Electrical Surveys

We have performed numerous surveys of client’s electrical systems to determine the least intrusive and most cost-effective way to perform needed work. We can help the design team gather information to ensure that the design accurately reflects existing conditions of the facility. We can also identify energy saving opportunities for the owner.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Del Monte Electric is an experienced trade partner working on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams, serving as a risk/reward trade partner on recently completed projects for Sutter Health in Oakland and Berkeley. Currently, Del Monte Electric is part of multiple IPD project teams at various stages of validation and pre-construction throughout the Bay Area.

Integrated Project Delivery is an efficient and collaborative method of teaming the owner, designers, builder, and major trade contractors early on in the project to develop a Target Value Design and to ensure that the project is set up for success. All team members are equal partners that share in the risk and are rewarded with shared profit if the project is delivered successfully. The IPD Team works as one collaborative group to understand the owner’s needs and deliver a project that maximizes value within the project budget.

LEAN Construction Principles such as the Last Planner System are used throughout the validation, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning phases of the project to ensure that all team members commit to the goals of the project and are held accountable to meet their commitments. IPD Projects foster innovation and collaboration among all team members, resulting in increased productivity and better cost control. We are excited to be part of this innovative approach to design and construction.


Design/Build Services

We can provide in-house design/build services in AutoCAD or Revit for your project. We also have excellent relationships with a number of electrical engineering firms to provide designs of more complex projects. This is is a more cost-effective approach and benefits the design schedule so our resources can focus on other critical tasks such as field research, cost mitigation, constructability reviews, and subcontractor/vendor coordination as our engineering partner moves forward with the actual design. Our vast electrical experience ensures that your project will be designed to meet or exceed your requirements and be built in an economical and efficient manner.


BIM Services

Our team has vast experience with Building Information Modeling (BIM) on projects ranging from hospitals, medical office buildings, schools, and research laboratories. We work closely with the other trades to coordinate the layout of our equipment, light fixtures, and conduit systems to ensure that the proposed installation does not conflict with the structure or other mechanical systems. Our team utilizes Revit and Navisworks to make real-time changes in the design model to keep pace with the project schedule.


Design Assist and Integrated Project Delivery

Del Monte Electric takes pride in our ability to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. Design-assist and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) delivery methods take advantage of our experience identifying roadblocks and our ability to work well with owners, designers, general contractors, and other trade contractors to address issues during the design phase to ensure that they do not impact the project schedule. We have the experience with LEAN and Last Planner Processes to add value to your project so that it is built on time and within your budget.



We have a fully equipped pre-fabrication shop in our Dublin Warehouse that allows us to efficiently build repetitive assemblies, which benefits the project schedule while mitigating our labor costs. Pre-fabrication allows these assemblies to be built faster while providing for just-in-time delivery to the job site. Another side benefit to pre-fabrication is that our crews are able to review the contract documents earlier in the project and identify conflicts or design concerns before they can impact the project schedule.