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LEED and Solar

Retail and Recreational Facilities

Other Exciting Projects


Working in healthcare facilities requires a great deal of collaboration between contractors and the owner to ensure that work is completed as efficiently as possible without impact to the owner’s operations or patient health. In-depth knowledge of OSHPD requirements, infection control measures, and NFPA 70E safety procedures are paramount to the success of every healthcare project. Del Monte Electric takes pride in the fact that we have successfully completed hundreds of healthcare projects over the years, most of which have been in occupied facilities that require a higher level of focus and attention to detail.


Over the years, Del Monte Electric has completed hundreds of educational projects from new campuses to major modernizations, including K-12 Schools, community colleges, and university campuses. Our experienced teams have the ability to meet tight schedules and to work closely with the owner to avoid impact to daily operations. We also have extensive design/build and design/assist experience pertaining to educational facilities. This experience allows us to work closely with the project team to build the desired project, while keeping costs in line with the owner’s budget and schedule needs.

IPD/Design Build

Del Monte Electric has completed numerous design/build projects over the years, including projects on school campuses, university campuses, and healthcare campuses. We have also completed numerous design/build solar power projects. Design/build and design/assist projects require a high level of collaboration between the owner, designers, and construction team to ensure that the delivered project meets the owner’s needs, while being built on time and on budget.

Our experience with design/build and design/assist projects makes Del Monte Electric a natural fit for your Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Team. We stress the importance of working as part of a team to meet common goals on all of our projects. Our teams are experienced with LEAN Construction Principles such as the Last Planner System and understand the importance of meeting goals to which we have committed. We have experience with Target Value Design and how to function as part of a team to provide a design that meets the owner’s needs, budget, and schedule duration.

LEED and Solar Projects

Sustainable design and building efficiency is an important consideration for most owners when they plan their projects. Del Monte Electric has considerable experience helping to build LEED certified projects that focus on building system efficiency and eliminating construction waste. We are a CALCTP certified contractor with the expertise to install and commission the most advanced energy saving lighting control systems.

In addition, we have installed some of the largest multi-site distributed generation solar power systems in the Bay Area. These projects showcase our ability to create aggressive schedules and coordinate between the owner and the rest of the team to ensure the project is completed on time with minimal impact to the owner’s operations. Our pre-fabrication processes are put to great use to mitigate schedule time and project costs. At the time we completed the fifty plus site solar project for the Mt. Diablo School District, it was the largest K-12 distributed generation solar project completed in the country.

Retail and Recreational Projects

Del Monte Electric takes great pride in our diverse portfolio of projects that we have successfully completed over the years. Retail and recreational projects require close collaboration with the project owner and the rest of the design and construction team to ensure that the project is built as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, many of these projects are built while the facilities are occupied, so we need to work closely with the team to avoid impact to the owner’s operations.

Other Unique Projects

Del Monte Electric has the experience and ability to take on any type of project. In the recent past, we have completed numerous research laboratories, multi-family residential projects, libraries, courthouses, office buildings, and other types of buildings. Our project management staff and field crews have experience with a wide range of project types and delivery methods. This allows us to take on any challenging project and tailor our pre-fabrication, scheduling, and management processes to the needs of the project team.