Del Monte Electric is an experienced trade partner working on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams, serving as a risk/reward trade partner on recently completed projects for Sutter Health in Oakland and Berkeley. Currently, Del Monte Electric is part of multiple IPD project teams at various stages of validation and pre-construction throughout the Bay Area.

Integrated Project Delivery is an efficient and collaborative method of teaming the owner, designers, builder, and major trade contractors early on in the project to develop a Target Value Design and to ensure that the project is set up for success. All team members are equal partners that share in the risk and are rewarded with shared profit if the project is delivered successfully. The IPD Team works as one collaborative group to understand the owner’s needs and deliver a project that maximizes value within the project budget.

LEAN Construction Principles such as the Last Planner System are used throughout the validation, pre-construction, construction, and commissioning phases of the project to ensure that all team members commit to the goals of the project and are held accountable to meet their commitments. IPD Projects foster innovation and collaboration among all team members, resulting in increased productivity and better cost control. We are excited to be part of this innovative approach to design and construction.