Sun Valley Mall Food court

Location: Concord
Contract Amount: $1,129,951.00
General Contractor: Bayley Construction

Project Description: The project consisted of 25,000 square feet of food court area and future food vendor tenant space. The lighting installation was the focal point of this space. The lighting clouds were asymmetrically designed. It was critical to properly measure the light fixtures so that they were fabricated in order to be installed so the fixture itself could not be seen. The design called for the ceiling to be raised as high to the structure as possible, thus creating the need for many existing conduits to be relocated to allow for this high ceiling. The points of connection for the low voltage systems were remote from the construction space. We had to research a route that involved chasing from the ground floor up to the roof and over to the termination point. In addition, there were extremely intricate lighting controls that involved daylight harvesting and precise devise placement. We had to coordinate closely with the other trades to ensure that the light fixture layout was precise in order to achieve the desired lighting affect. 

Project Completed: November 2016