I wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank Del Monte Electric for all the hard work and effort and for the great experience we had working with your firm on the CSU Maritime PE Building project. From start to finish, the crew had a very positive attitude and helped the entire construction team finish the project on time and within budget.

Your field crews were highly knowledgeable, courteous, safe, receptive to new ideas, and excellent problem solvers. The daily morning meetings were always productive and Mike Goin consistently brought a positive approach to those meetings and was highly respected by the other trades through his willingness to assist and help solve problems. The team took a proactive approach in coordinating items with other trades and owner which allowed us to provide a better product for the University and their end users.

Chris Walker was a fantastic complement to Mike and managed the sub trades to meet the expectations set by the project.
Your team aligned their goals with overall project goal thereby immensely contributing to the successful completion of the project. Upon award of the job, your office personnel (Lynn, Deborah, and Denise) were efficient in getting all labor compliance paperwork, certified payroll reports, and other related project specific paperwork completed in a timely manner. They were always organized and responsive and played a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy of this important piece of the project.

Jeffrey Park, Sr. Project Manager

Chris, I would like to thank your team for being part of this successful project. Looking forward to many more projects with your team.

Shaik Sihabuddin,Project Manager 1
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